Every Neptune kitchen is special. But each one has a few hidden secrets that make it unique to our other collections. They help to define it, and to give each one its own handwriting.

Our very first kitchen was The Chichester, it began as a few key pieces – a chopping block, a dresser and a table – and then it evolved. Chichester paved the way for what kitchens mean in Neptune.

Our Suffolk is pared back and poised. A modest chair from the 1700s spied on a family holiday in East Anglia inspired this entire kitchen. But it also gives a subtle nod to Shake-style design.

The Henley is where you can surround yourself in wholesome character from the warm, woody tones to a grain alive with knots and swirls, and its where you can appreciate our craftsmanship the most.

And finally, Limehouse, our latest design. It stands true to our DNA and only uses natural materials and traditional craftsmanship, and sleek as it is, the finish is still hand-painted and carries with it that beautiful tactile nature.


We believe in the power of good design. Such an unbelievable amount of thought goes into every one of our kitchen cabinets because we want them to outperform your expectations.

Our way of thinking always starts with ‘people first’. We know what it feels like to have a family, to work hard, to contend with life’s ups and downs, and so when we make, we try to come up with things that will make life easier and better. That’s why we always carve out the time to imagine a day in the life of one of our kitchens to ask ourselves “but what else could it do?” We want it to be better than you ever imagined.

Good design isn’t solely about how beautiful something looks. It runs much deeper than that. It’s about how intuitively something behaves too; understanding what you need and being there, waiting, as and when you need it. And it’s about how that concept then comes together with all the things that follow below.

That’s the truth of good design.





Neptune by Global Village was so reliable. Everything was done exactly as it should be and to time. The kitchen was the least stressful aspect of the whole project.  Martin made it all very easy for us.”

Andrew and Emma Kenny, Killiney, Dublin


If you think you would like to go ahead with a Neptune kitchen, this is where the fun begins and we bring your kitchen to life. During this appointment, you’ll run through all your wants, needs and wishes and we can start talking through some initial ideas. You’ll need to bring along any room dimensions to this appointment, or an architect’s plan if you’re doing an extension.

Following your initial consultation, this is when your designer will visit your home to fully understand the space, lighting and any specific requirements (such as awkward angles that will require some imagination). We will present complete set of plan drawings and elevations, 3D visual colour graphics and renders, detailed quotation and summary pack.


We would love to hear from you. Whether its a question, a comment or idea, let us know. Send us your pictures of how you have styled your home, and don’t forget to connect with us on Facebook, Instagram and Houzz!

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