Its not surprising that more and more people are selecting In-frame Kitchen Cabinets as their kitchen style of choice nowadays. For many years, all cabinet furniture was made using this method, but more recently the “plant on” door  style became very popular due easy of fitting and affordability.

In-frame kitchens are enjoying a resurgence in popularity for many reasons not least because they stand the test of time. Because the cabinet doors sit inside a frame, they are more stable, and are not under strain from their own weight, as they are supported by the frame. Plant-On doors on the other hand, hang from the the carcass, being screwed into the side panel. Over time the weight of the door pulls down on this hinge, causing it to loosen, and dropping the door out of line.




The InFrame kitchen also looks more sophisticated. As they are custom made, you can see the craftsmanship, quality and perfect in the framed look. In-Frame Kitchens, until recently were a more traditional look, many with a double beading around the frame as in the image above (right side). But the Neptune contemporary designs – like the Limehouse Kitchen – are also Inframe. And the inframe style works just as beautifully with this favourite design – see the image above on left.

In-Frame cabinet doors are installed using butt hinges.  Once again this offers a superior product and appearance. The hinges are screwed into the solid wood on both sides, forming an extremely secure and solid connection.

Drawers in the InFrame kitchen also fit “into” the frame – a sleek and elegant look. At Neptune we offer “soft close” drawers across all our our kitchens (as well as Tiered Drawers and Drawers in Drawers for that additional clever storage)



All of our Kitchens are In-Frame – Visit our Kitchen Collections below

Chichester – Our very first kitchen; authentic , homely, timeless; constructed from tulipwood and plywood

Suffolk – Clean lined and quietly elegant; constructed from tulipwood, plywood and oak

Henley – Sophisticated yet demure, a cut above the rest; constructed from oak and plywood

Limehouse – Streamlined, clever and considered; constructed from tulipwood, plywood and oak


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