At Neptune we believe in real kitchens. Solid Wood Kitchens. Ones that are made from living and breathing materials and that are built to last a lifetime. Kitchens that translate to homes, large and small.

Very simply we believe that choosing the best materials gives us the freedom to design the best furniture.  And we think that you want the best quality, responsibly sourced, beautifully designed furniture at an affordable price.

Our Solid Wood kitchens are made from the best wood that we can source. Timber is a natural, organic material so we are careful to choose the right wood for the right purpose. Large staves of oak for our work surfaces, flexible tulipwood for our smooth hand painted finish and strong poplar for our cabinet panels. We insist on using timber from well managed, sustainable forests so we know the history and quality of each tree. Whether it was dry winters or wet springs, we can then decide if the timber will live up to our expectations.


Our reasons for wood is twofold. First trust. The founders of Neptune, John and Giles, are both enthusiastic sailors and many years ago they wanted to create furniture that was “safe as boats, not houses.” That means furniture that can cope with the rough and tumble of everyday life, that doesn’t warp or shrink, that can cope with the unexpected.

The second reason concerns heritage. We have enjoyed wooden furniture in our homes for centuries. It’s renewable, natural, versatile, insulating and tactile. No man-made attempts feel quite like it.

We choose Tulipwood in our kitchens as it’s much stronger than poplar for cabinetry. Tulipwood is also ideal for painting. It’s ultra smooth with very few knots and lends itself to a high-quality finish.

Oak needs very little explanation. It’s pure class. Strong, historic, and beautifully tonal. We use it on certain cabinet interiors (like in the Suffolk kitchen) and anywhere that has unpainted exposed wood, and across our entire Henley kitchen.

Our plywood is pretty special. It’s incredibly dense and therefore intensely strong. We source it from the eucalyptus tree because it’s a much greener option as it grows so quickly. Its best selling point is the fact it’s naturally water resistant.

Neptune offers 4 collections in their solid wood kitchen range;

Chichester – Our very first kitchen; authentic , homely, timeless; constructed from tulipwood and plywood

Suffolk – Clean lined and quietly elegant; constructed from tulipwood, plywood and oak

Henley – Sophisticated yet demure, a cut above the rest; constructed from oak and plywood

Limehouse – Streamlined, clever and considered; constructed from tulipwood, plywood and oak

And if it isn’t already apparent, we build our solid wood kitchens to last! In every sense of the word including quality, craft, materials, style, and service. That’s why we are proud to offer a lifetime guarantee on all of our kitchens when they are fitted by one of our approved installers.


If you would like to meet with our Kitchen Design Team, please send us your details and we will be happy to set up an appointment. Its never to early to start a design conversation, the sooner we meet you, the sooner we can offer expert advice to help you plan your ideal kitchen

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