Neff home appliances. Inspiring your kitchen creativity.

Cooking inspires people. People inspire Neff. This is the basic principle behind everything  at NEFF. So, let nothing get in the way of your cooking ideas. Neff innovative products help you to prepare mouthwatering food – whether it’s a four-course dinner or a dessert you just can’t get enough of – a NEFF kitchen is equipped for every dish.

Siemens – Built-in appliances, designed to perfection

The introduction of home appliances, irrevocably changed the way households were run around the world. And from the beginning of the 20th century, Siemens not only pioneered breakthrough technologies in home appliances, but has always been one step ahead. Always anticipating the need of the consumer and delivering solutions that made life simpler, more efficient, and extraordinary.

Intricately thought-through straight lines that start on one appliance and perfectly continues on another. Simple geometric shapes and architectural elements that showcase elegance in a clear and concise way. A design language that is not swayed by ever-changing trends, but one that is uncluttered and timeless. One that is distinctly simple, yet profoundly inspirational. One that is as relevant now as it will be in the future

Everhot – the Electric range, since 1979

The traditional cooking range, with it’s handcrafted good looks and quality cooking, eptomises a relaxed homely lifestyle.  The EVERHOT offers all this, and far more, at a cost that is astonishingly down to earth.

Everhot Cookers birthplace was at Coaley Mill, a 13th century water powered mill near Dursley in the old wool heartland of the south Cotswold valleys.  Some thirty years ago the inventor of the EVERHOT (the mill owner) wanted a heat storage range that would provide some background warmth to his kitchen and that would also have a very low requirement for energy (without the ‘spikes’ that normally occur when switching on an electric oven or ring). He hence set about inventing the Everhot, and for the first ten years following this, the Everhot was sold in small quantities whilst gently evolving prior to its full commercial launch in 1995. Whilst the first cooker ever produced is still in daily use, the evolution continues and the Everhot philosophy remains unchanged. We are constantly seeking to improve the Everhot without ever compromising on quality. We also remain firmly committed to preserving our environment – through our use of water power and also through careful selection of UK based suppliers and products.

Lanache – A long-established brand

Handcrafted in the heart of Burgundy, in the small village of Lacanche, artisans and craftsman have been skillfully creating kitchen amenities since the 18th century, offering the highest expression of culinary art to both cooking enthusiast and professional chef alike.

Blending tradition, modernity, and exquisite French artistry with a long custom of craftsmanship in metal, Les Pianos Gastronomes have fulfilled an unwavering caliber of culinary excellence for over 250 years.

Unparalleled in its commitment to the spirit of French culture, Lacanche upholds and preserves the essential values so paramount to its legacy; a love of simplicity, time honored-authenticity, a respect for materials, and a preservation for artisans and their innate talents.

Combining the timeless durability of porcelain enamel, stainless steel and cast iron, Lacanche Ranges may be customized in color, finish and configuration.

Falmec, Life Inspired

The best kitchens in the world have a new, intriguing and positive atmosphere, and it is all thanks to Falmec. This Italian company has become an absolute leading international player in terms of quality, innovation, design and sustainability. An extensive and varied project for a wonderful kitchen experience, with exclusive technologies, top–quality materials and aesthetic appeal. This collection is enriched with cutting–edge innovations, exploring additional possibilities and expressions of Falmec excellence.

Bosch – Life tastes good. With Bosch cookers and ovens, it can taste even better

Whatever your preference in kitchen design, our built-in cookers and ovens will fit in perfectly. Traditionally installed underneath the worktop, built-in cookers control the hob above them. Ovens, on the other hand, can be integrated into both wall and base units. Choose a separate oven and you can position the hob independently from the oven. And when space is tight, our compact appliances are the ideal solution. No matter which one you choose, thanks to their automatic programmes, you’ll achieve perfect roasting and baking results every time.