Just to let you know

Our “Available Now” promotion terms and conditions

From 1st July 2023, customers will receive 20% off our ‘available now’ collection of selected upholstered sofas, armchairs and footstools.

The details

· This promotion is while our stock lasts.

· When we say available now, we mean anything that is available to order on the day of purchase.

· You can only use this promotion on new orders, and you can’t use it alongside any other offers.

· You can’t work for us (‘us’ being Neptune Europe Ltd, Neptune Retail Ltd or NSD Ltd) or be related to a member of the team to use this offer.

· The promotion is available in our participating stores and online.

· If you need to return any of the pieces you’ve bought with this offer, that’s fine, but we will refund the discounted price.

· The promoter is Neptune (Europe) Ltd.

Our General Terms and Conditions

We’ve put together this guide on our terms and conditions to cover any order placed with us in store or by phone – they might change from time to time, in which case you’ll be able to find an updated version on our website. If you place an order online at Neptune.com/ie the terms and conditions on that website are applicable. We’ve tried to keep it as short as possible, and as free from technical speak and legalese as we can. We suggest that you have a quick look through now then file it away in a safe place just in case you have any questions down the line – although we hope that you won’t.

The legal bit

It’s quite important to say that we’re not liable for any indirect losses, such as losses of revenue or profits, which are not reasonably foreseeable when you place your order (except for personal injury or fraud). This also includes any losses caused by us not being able to meet our obligations because of things outside our control.

Sometimes we provide care guides with our designs that advise you on how best to take care of them. We’re therefore not liable for any faults that may arise in your piece that have resulted from not following these guides.

By making a purchase from us, you undertake that all products ordered are for your own use and not under any circumstances for resale.

Neptune by Global Village is the trading name of Global Village (Dublin) Limited. Our registered office is at Unit 10 KCR industrial Estate, Ravensdale Park, Kimmage D12 VH93. You can contact us in writing, by email (info@globalvillage.ie) or by phone (+353 1 4063882) should you have any queries. These terms fall under Irish law and the jurisdiction of the Irish courts.

If you purchased through Neptune.com then the terms & conditions on that website apply.

About the designs

Our designs, from tables to flooring to paint, are made from natural materials wherever we can. Changes in colour, texture, and wood grain, as well as slubs in fabrics, are just a lovely characteristic of this and will not be considered as a fault with our products.

When it comes to paint in particular, colours are likely to change over time as they respond to sunlight exposure and moisture content in the air. Because our paint is produced using natural pigments and materials, there can be some colour variance across different batches too. When more than one tin of the same colour is to be used, we recommend that the tins are mixed together beforehand. And when redecorating a previously painted area, we advise completely repainting rather than ‘spot’ repairing for the most consistent finish.

We always try our best to make sure that the descriptions, images, and prices on our website and in our literature are accurate. Sometimes we can’t control this (for instance, computer monitors can affect colour), but if you spot something that you think is amiss, let us know and we’ll try to solve it as soon as possible.

It’s also just worth pointing out that our ex-display pieces are sold as seen and might have the odd knock or bump on them and do not carry our normal warranties.

Your order      

When you’re placing an order for any of our furniture, accessories, or home decorating materials, which will be delivered or collected in 1- 2 weeks, we will ask for the full amount to be paid at that time. But, if you place your order that won’t be delivered after 3 weeks or more, we’re more than happy to take a 30% deposit should you prefer. We’ll then just ask for the remaining balance to be paid 10 days before your delivery date.

If you’re ordering something through our Neptune Tailored service, or if we’re creating a bespoke piece for you, we’ll ask for the full amount when you place your order, no matter the lead time. This is because we start making these pieces within 24 hours of the order being placed.

Things are a little bit different when it comes to kitchens, curtains and blinds. We’ve created a separate guide for our curtains and blinds, but everything you need to know about placing your kitchen order is below.

Ordering your kitchen

We know you’re very excited about your new kitchen, but there are a few bits of paperwork that we’ll need to make sure you’ve signed first. This includes a copy of these terms, plus the plan and quote that we’ll have put together for you.

As this can be a big purchase, we only require a 30% deposit of which 20% is non-refundable in the event of a cancellation for any reason, with the remaining 70% due 21 days before your delivery date. When it comes to installation, the cost of this should be paid within 5 days of completion of fitting. Any amounts left unpaid 5 days after completion of fitting will attract a 5% charge of the balance due per month outstanding.

The only other thing to say about kitchens is that, if you need to change the day it’ll be delivered that’s absolutely fine, but if this is done more than once within eight weeks of the delivery date then we’ll need to charge you €50 per month, or part thereof, to cover the cost of storage, as it’s likely your kitchen will have already been made by this point. Also, if the dispatch date falls more than a year after you placed the order, we will change the cost of your kitchen to reflect our current prices.


We know that life can be busy and waiting in for a delivery can get in the way. That’s why, for any order delivered with our white glove service, we’ll let you know a date as soon as possible before we deliver, as well as a four-hour timeslot two days beforehand. We’ll also endeavour to give you a call on the day with a more precise time. If your pieces are on the smaller side, we’ll deliver them through one of our approved couriers.

Please just make doubly sure your new piece will fit through doorways and tight turns, up staircases and underneath ceilings, and if door frames, windows or banisters needs to be removed to get it in, that you do this before we arrive. We’ve put together a Will it fit? Guide to help you prepare and to ensure your delivery day goes smoothly.

While we’ll always do our very best to make sure your order is delivered on the day we say it will be, very rarely unforeseen delays can happen. It goes without saying that we’ll reschedule as soon as possible. Also, it can occasionally take us a bit longer to deliver to remote locations, West Cork, Kerry & Donegal for example. We endeavour to assemble all items and removed packaging where possible and practicable, excluding any items that need fitting.

Should you be ordering from outside Ireland our carefully selected international delivery partner will delivery on a doorstep or local depot delivery basis.

Cancellations and returns

While we hope that you’ll be thrilled with your new Neptune design, if you’re not that’s fine too.

We have a no-quibbles returns policy, and we’ll happily take back any piece that isn’t bespoke within 14 days of when we delivered it, if it’s in its original packaging (unless we took this away for you) and without any signs of use. The only exceptions are bespoke and ex-display designs, which we’re not able to take back or refund unless they’re faulty. Ex-display items will generally always show signs of wear and tear and any wear and tear will not be considered as a fault in that case. It’s important to note that we’ll not be able to take back mattresses once they have been unwrapped. We cannot accept returns, on any basis, for paint, fabric, wall & floor coverings products once delivered.

To arrange a return just call us on 01 4063882, or email info@globalvillage.ie or you will need to visit our stores if you’re returning an accessory or smaller item. If you purchased an accessory in-store that you’d like to return you can do this at either of our stores within 14 days of purchase. Accessory items must be in the original packaging if being returned.

When it comes to fitted items (kitchens, bathroom cabinets, Buckland bench seating and Pembroke shelving), bespoke pieces and Neptune Tailored designs, there are a few differences. You can return any non-bespoke pieces just the same as everything else, if they haven’t been fitted and are in their original packaging. If they’ve been taken out of their packaging, we’re afraid that we’re only able to refund 70% of the price you paid as it’s our policy that these pieces are re-sold at a reduced price in our Outlet. The same goes for Neptune Tailored pieces that are cancelled more than 24 hours after they were ordered (the point at which we start making them) or returned after delivery, a 70% refund will apply. And, due to their custom nature, bespoke designs can’t be returned.

In all cases where we must collect items for return a collection charge of €100 will apply

If on the agreed date of a kitchen installation, the site is not ready to house the ordered cabinets, or if conditions are deemed unsuitable by the fitter, storage and re-delivery charges will apply.

Of course, the exception to this is if there are any faults, knocks or bumps to your piece that we’ve caused. We take our delivery service seriously and we design our packaging to make sure that what’s inside is wrapped up safe and tight. We also create all our pieces using the highest levels of skill and materials. But in the (very) unlikely event that you spot something not quite right, just let us know as soon as you spot the problem along with some photos and we’ll get it sorted.

Please note we cannot accept returns on any flooring, fabrics, wall tiles or paint products.

Rest assured that your statutory rights are unaffected.



Our guarantees

Peace of mind is a lovely thing to have. It’s why we guarantee all our designs. We doubt you’ll ever need them – we put a great deal of care, thought and attention into each of our pieces – but they’re there just in case you ever do.

Our one-year and five-year guarantees

We guarantee our accessories for one year, and our furniture (except parasols, which we count as accessories) and Neptune sinks and taps for five years.

When it comes to upholstered furniture – sofas, armchairs, footstools, headboards and dining chairs – we guarantee the fabric for the first year (except for colour changes), and the frame for five years.

Our lifetime guarantees for kitchens

We build our kitchens to last a lifetime, so that’s how long we guarantee them for.

Our lifetime guarantee covers:

  • the structure of your cabinets (in case they move, warp, bow or crack more than we’d expect to happen naturally)
  • all hardware such as hinges, handles, runners, and catches

But it doesn’t cover:

  • Kitchens not installed by one of our accredited or recommended installers
  • If you move home and leave your kitchen behind – we’re not able to cover the new owners
  • Work surfaces – our specialist recommended suppliers guarantee these and any issue arising with worktops will need to be resolved with the work top supplier. Ten years for Dekton, up to 15 years for natural stone, and 25 years for Silestone. We’re afraid that any oak work surfaces don’t come with a guarantee though.
  • LED strip lights – again, our partner company that makes these covers them, this time for two years. We will handle any guarantee issues during this period.
  • Appliances – we will look after any appliance issues during the fitting process but on completion of fitting any issues arising with an appliance will need to be resolved directly with the appliance provider customer service department.

Whether your guarantee is with us or one of our suppliers, we’ll help if something goes wrong. Just get in touch with your kitchen designer and we will give you the information you require to help solve the issue.

A note on timber

It’s natural for wood to move a little. You might notice that your cupboard doors and drawers shift slightly, and small cracks may appear. It’s just the timber adjusting to the temperature and humidity of your home. We can put doors and drawers back into place up to 12 months after installation – just get in touch with us by email and explain the issue.

The things we don’t cover

  • Pieces that you’ve changed or repaired yourself
  • Accidental damage, or anything that you’ve caused by neglecting your piece or not following our care guide. We can always help repair the damage, there might just be a small fee – we’ll be able to tell you more when you get in touch with us
  • Normal wear and tear (like dents and scratches)
  • Natural changes, like fading and cracking in timber, and colour changes in fabric and paint
  • Rust damage – it’s easy to avoid, and we’ve included advice in our care guides
  • Appliances, sinks and taps from another company
  • If you take your piece outside the country you bought it from, or use it somewhere that’s   not a home
  • Ex-display pieces

And finally…

If we can’t repair your piece, we’ll replace it with the same design or one that’s similar. It’s best to keep your receipt – we might need to see it as proof of purchase. We’re just a phone call (or email) away if you have any questions. The terms and conditions that apply to all

Aside from what we’ve already mentioned, there are a few things that apply to all our guarantees.

  • If your piece has been modified or repaired by anyone other than our team (or our accredited installers in the case of kitchen cabinets), then the guarantee will no longer apply. The same goes for if it’s been handled carelessly, damaged on purpose, neglected, or used in a way that’s out of the ordinary.
  • We’ll always try to repair your piece first, but if we can’t do that we’ll replace it (or the specific part) with the same design. If you prefer, or if the same design is no longer available, we’ll replace it with a piece of the same value.
  • There are also a few things we can’t cover that we’ve highlighted here:
  • Damage resulting from normal wear and tear (like dents and scratches), from not following our care guide, or from using something on your piece that we don’t recommend (such as non-Neptune paint or abrasive cleaning materials)
  • Colour changes and fastness in textiles and paint (these will naturally change over time depending on storage conditions, natural light, etc.)
  • Changes caused by the natural weathering process (such as fading, cracking and splitting)
  • Global Village (Dublin) Ltd reserves the right to alter the specification without notice in keeping with our policy of continuous improvements.
  • Goods should be checked by the purchaser as soon as possible after delivery. Any claim for damage or shortage must be notified to Global Village (Dublin) Ltd within 5 days of delivery. If this condition is not complied with, Global Village (Dublin) Ltd cannot accept liability for damage or shortage.
  • Global Village (Dublin) Ltd will not connect or commission any appliances or products to water, electrical or gas supply outlets
  • Dimensions provided by the client are presumed to be accurate and will be used as a basis for drawings by the designer(s) in. Global Village (Dublin) Ltd

Global Village (Dublin) Ltd accepts no responsibility for false or incorrect plans, elevations, measurements, inaccuracies or deviations from dimensions agreed between the client (or any person affiliated with said client) and Global Village (Dublin) Ltd, that may hinder the installation of the Global Village (Dublin) Ltd furniture.

  • Rust damage from the piece being left in an unsuitable place (it’s also quite natural for surface rust to appear on your outdoor furniture, and it can be easily prevented or removed – something we advise on in our care guides – which is why we don’t cover it in our guarantees)
  • Appliances, sinks and taps from another company (these may be covered by their maker’s guarantee)

If you have any questions about our guarantees, we’re just a phone call (or email) away.