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Neptune Dining Table


We start with you. How you live. We take your needs, likes and idiosyncrasies and we add design. The result is special and individual and right for you. As Neptune’s largest Irish partner, we are privileged to be able to offer the very best in furniture and kitchen design, adding our own expertise to this stunning range of collections and styles. And each season we bring you something new and special. A new colour, a different look, an updated piece. With Neptune by Global Village, your home will evolve from season to season, from year to year, relying on the solid foundation of handcrafted furniture, timeless design and continuous innovation.


We want you to love your home. To feel completely content within its aura. We understand that good design should deliver this experience. Its not only about a beautiful appearance, but also about how you feel within that space. We strive to deliver that ultimate contentment for you and your family.


We are committed to good design. Its why we have chosen Neptune as our partner. Design is at the heart of the Neptune philosophy. Not least when it comes to kitchens. Such an unbelievable amount of thought goes into every one of our kitchen cabinets because we want them to outperform your expectations.


Our story began in North Africa with our love for travel and exploration. A genuine interest in local crafts and ethnic furnishings evoked a desire to take some of this wonder home. And after some further planning and research, so began our journey into a world of interiors with the opening of our first shop in Glasthule in 1990


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